Thursday, March 27, 2008

#16 ...39 flavors... of pickles???

In planning our eastward trek to the WDCU CBR I've been looking for some "Real American" stop-offs along the way.

I'm talking about the type of attractions that both educate and entertain... but do not exist just to do so. At the same time, we also need to make a plan for executing our contribution to the Saturday night pot-luck at the rally. I've been told that the WDCU has high standards for it's pot-lucks and considering there will be a nearly legendary group of highly charged personalities in attendance, we will need conjure up something that is much more than just culinary wallpaper.

Under normal circumstances this would be a task that we could easily handle... but in this case we will be on our first family camping trip, 800 miles from home, in a borrowed trailer, without the benefit of a real kitchen and it's conveniences.

A very unassuming solution to these two dilemmas has presented itself..."the pickle." Not just any pickle, a Sechler's pickle... and not just one, but 39 varieties.

In the Eastern Indiana county of DeKalb there is a small town..."Pickletown"... St Joe, Indiana (pop 478). Here is the home of the king of all pickle factories... Sechler's.

Family owned since 1921, four generations of Sechlers have been peddling all sorts of pickled products. They give tours in the mornings and afternoons during weekdays and have a retail store adjacent to the factory. If you're in the neighborhood, I suggest you stop by.


Frank Yensan said...

Do they also have pickled green tomatoes? They are my favorite of all pickles. I also like the cauliflower, carrot, and red peppers pickled like the Italians do. If it is straight on pickles though, no green tomatoes available, well, I go with the kosher dill, extra tart and extra salty.
Too many of my margaritas and you will be a pickle, that is for sure.

the byamcaravanner said...

Frank, Check out the link...they have all your favorites!

Frank Yensan said...

I did... can I place an order?