Saturday, April 19, 2008

#17 - The WDCU... Living Wally's Legacy

"To encourage clubs and rallies that provide an endless source of friendships, travel fun and personal expressions." - Wally Byam

Amery & Stefan enjoying the Atrium fountain at the Hirshhorn

As I look back on our first rally experience, I have to say the folks of the WDCU have certainly lived up to the dreams and aspirations of it's parent clubs namesake - Wally Byam

I can honestly say that the time we spent at the Cherry Blossom rally was the best recreational experience we have ever had. It was true and pure enjoyment... experiencing life as it was meant to be experienced... without pretensions, yet at the same time we felt as though we had all that we would ever need (except for the lack of shower facilities LOL!).

As far as friends and friendships... to start off, we were blessed with two great neighbors... Rob and Zoe Baker on the left and Mark Johnson on the right. Our two boys only needed to take a few steps out of the car to instantly join Stanton and Bryce Baker in there efforts to dig a gopher hole adjacent to the horse stall. Thanks to the Baker boys, and Griffin and Campbell Alaniz... our boys, Amery and Stefan, were entertained for the week. Their parents, Rob and Zoe Baker, and Danee & Kim Alaniz were also kind enough to make sure Kelly and I always felt at home away from home. We couldn't have hoped for better rally mates.

Kelly Klohn and Zoe Baker (Airstream Camping Chicks)

Everyone we met was friendly and welcoming... many of which I had "met" via the forums and now had the privilege to meet face to face. The days passed quickly... and time spent with many of the folks was much too short. It makes us long to be back next year and hope that all return for an opportunity to further connect. Too many folks to mention, but to all that we met, we can't wait to get back and spend more time with you.

Amery, Calynn, Kelly, Stefan and Andrea... as we approached the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Lastly, I can't recount our CBR experience without a mention of the family who encouraged the the six of us to set out on a 900 mile trek cross country with a trailer built for considerably less than six for the purpose of making endless friendships... travel fun and personal expressions. We did it all! ...and it has changed our lives. Thank you, Frank and Beth and Ava and Halle! From the moment we met, we fell deeply in love with your family and from the moment we left, we longed for the day we'll meet again.

Beth, Halle and Frank Yensan

Ava Yensan with Calynn and
Stefan (peering over the seat)

All packed up for the ride back to Wisconsin
(Thank you Lee, for generously sharing your trailer)


Kelly said...

I could not have said it better myself! When do we go again??...
love, your Airstream wife -Kelly

Frank Yensan said...

Thank you for the kind words Steve.... But most of all, Lee. I know Lee reads this, so to him I want to personally send thanks for the loan of his trailer. If I could, I would hug you and kiss you on the cheek in a manly way. Without you, the Klohn family would not have had this tremendous experience.

Frank Yensan said...

Okay Steve, Cherry Blossom is over, the viverans have worn off, pinewood derby is done.... are we going to see some trailer work soon?