Thursday, February 21, 2008

#15 WDCU Cherry Blossom Rally

I've met so many new Airstream friends over the last few months many of which belong to the Washington DC Unit of the WBCCI. Their premiere spring event is a rally at the Rogers Farm in Upper Marlboro, MD that coincides with the DC Cherry Blossom Festival. A Washington DC trip is one that we have wanted to do for the kids and thanks to the generosity of our local Airstream friends Lee and Cathy we are able to attend the rally (with their trailer) and take the kids along. Considering this trailer is 10 feet shorter than the one we are restoring this trip will certainly be a test of our ability to coexist in tight quarters. The Brisk's trailer is a 1961 Caravel. You can find it posted here on the Vintage Airstream Archives

This particular rally will also be host to the judging for the VAP bathroom throw down in which Frank of Annalumanum fame will be competing against the VAP panel pros to see who will have the bathroom in their trailers done first. This will also be (as far as I know) the first time the three VAP guys; Tim, Rob and Colin will be together in person. Frank and I have become fast friends and I'm looking forward to our families sharing some fun times together along with all of the other great folks I've enjoyed corresponding with. I can't wait to see if Rob's laugh is as infectious in person as it is on the Podcast. I do know he has managed to infect us all with Aluminitus.

The rally is April 10 thru 13 - info can be found here WDCU Cherry Blossom 2008

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