Sunday, November 25, 2007

#9 - Dry Fit'n the tanks

I'm done with the tank related frame modifications and both tanks are dry fit. I moved the black tank as far forward as I could and still allow for connection to the toilet flange (keep your fingers crossed.) I located the gray tank just forward of the front axle. In both cases I removed cross members and replaced them with 14 ga bent plates and 1x1x1/8 angles bolted to the cross members to support the tanks. Both tanks are molded with a 1 1/2" wide flange located 3" below the top of the tanks that runs parallel to the cross member. This is meant to carry the weight of the tanks.

I used 1 1/2 ABS pipe to connect the gray tank to the Valterra double elbow/valve assembly. The bottom of the tank outlet falls 1/2" below the bottom of the cross members so I used C3 channels to create a jog in the bottom flange of the cross members between the tank and the valve. The tub drain will tie into the 1 1/2" line where the vertical pipe is currently located.

The black tank is connected via a straight piece of 3" ABS that runs from the outlet to the 3" side of the elbow/valve. I located the valve assembly in the bay just forward of the bath wall so that the enclosure would frame to the flat belly pan rather than the rear banana wrap.

I'm going to semi-permanently attach a Jabsco Macerator to the outlet side of the valve assembly using a home fashioned connector made from a rotating 4-hook bayonet connector and a rubber waste line adapter. In an emergency I will be able to unbolt the macerator and hook a standard 3" stinky slinky to the valve.

Next task is to take it all apart and strip the paint off of the frame so it can be painted... but since I'm in Wisconsin an it's November I'll need to provide for some "cold weather construction" ... next post "our Airstream gets a pink skirt"


Indy Anne said...

Hey, I'm following your blog in Google Reader. I am in the "thinkin' about it" stage of removing my bathroom fixtures to evaluate the back end. Just to be clear, in the "DryFitTanks1.jpg" image, I'm looking toward the rear of the trailer, right? So your black tank is still in the back, but you have put a gray tank in the front end?
My blog is indyanne on Blogger.

the byamcaravanner said...


You are seeing things correctly. I would have put the gray tank in between the axles but the one I bought was 56" long and needs to extend into the web of the main frame rail. It also wider than the space between the axles, so to put it over the axles it would have to be slid in parallel to the main frame rails but the 56" dimension made this not possible... so as a result it's located just forward of the front axle. Feel free to send me an email if you would like some more picts and a further explanation.

Thanks for asking!

Frank Yensan said...

Go Steve, You'll have that aluminum tent by CBR...