Monday, December 3, 2007

#10 - Pink Skirt

In an effort to keep the progress moving over the winter I was inspired with the bright idea to put a pink skirt on our trailer. Since I have the belly pan off and the side panels let down the current state of the trailer provided the perfect circumstance for adding some pink foam to enclose the de-constructed twinkie. I used (4) sheets of 1" pink extruded polystyrene. I was able to tuck the panels on the inside of the exterior skin and up against the outrigger tails. I taped the joints with "gorilla tape" and secured the bottom edge with some extra brick pavers that I had stacked in the back forty. I placed the pavers opposite each other... one on the inside one on the outside. Now that we've had out first snow it's all frozen in place with the inside perfectly enclosed.

You'll notice on the interior pictures that the frame has a shiny appearance... this is the first coat of a citrus paint stripper that I had applied recently. The cold damp weather has kept it from drying out before I have a chance to get out the coarse steel wool and mineral spirits to scrub off the softened paint. When I have the frame clean I am going to heat the interior of the trailer to something above 50 degrees and apply two coats of POR-15 black on the frame. This will neutralize any existing rust and work to prevent any future rust. Considering the original paint held up well for our trailer's first 40 years... this stuff should keep things good till long after I've gone to the great trailer park in the sky.

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Frank Yensan said...

very clever... very clever.