Sunday, October 28, 2007

#8 - Lot's of work and nothing done.

Since my last update I've been very busy with many preparations for some major steps forward but as of yet, none of it has been completed. At the urging of a good new Airstreaming friend, I considered the option of purchasing plastic tanks rather than making stainless steel tanks. I am happy to say that I have ordered an received my two roto-formed tanks from Ameri-Kart via PPL RV in Houston. I was able to purchase both 30(+) gal tanks for about $250 including shipping.

Along with the tanks I purchased a Valterra double waste valve assembly. It has an 1 1/2" valve and a 3" valve that tee into one 3" exit pipe. I plan to locate this just adjacent to my black tank and attach a FloJet Macerator to the outlet.

My next project was to find a local source for the black ABS pipe and fittings I need to complete my set-up. Unfortunately, in Wisconsin, the building code does not allow the use of ABS pipe for building construction so there are not traditional building suppliers that carry the stuff. I was lucky to find a local RV dealer that had a few sticks of 1 1/2" they were willing to sell me and the fittings I have ordered from an online supplier in the Northeast.

I also have procured through my employer some fabricated material to replace several of the cross members and incorporate support for the tanks. When I get the pieces fit-up and installed I'll post some pictures. Our unseasonably warm fall has seemed to come to an end, so I better "get at it" if I'm going to have things buttoned up before the snow flies.

BTW, today is my 47th birthday and my wonderful family not only threw me a party... they made me this lovely sign.


Frank Yensan said...

Steve, it may seem like nothing is happening, but in reality a lot has. You are doing an outstanding job that you should be proud of. Happy birthday, was your cake shaped like an Airstream?

the byamcaravanner said...


Thanks for your words of encouragment! far as the cake? I live in Wisconsin... so of course, it was a cheese cake.