Friday, July 20, 2007

#2 - First Step in the Restoration

I was able to complete my first project on our new (to us) trailer which was to pull the belly pan and see what kind of condition the floor and frame are in. After pulling out quite a bit of formerly vermin infested fiberglass insulation, I am happy to say the floor and frame are in very good condition. Luckily the intact floor has kept the critters out of the interior. I do have one small area of the floor to replace... the rear street side corner. My plan it to replace the last 4'-0 of floor while I have the bathroom fixtures out for repair and refinishing. After that, a coat of POR15 on the frame and a fresh layer of insulation and our "bottom" will be tops!

So far... so good! Here's a picture of the two main belly pan pieces that I'm proud to say were removed intact. My youngest son is planning to pitch in and help wash off the rodent residue.

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