Tuesday, July 17, 2007

#1 - We're Home!

It took a 32 hour round trip to Atlanta (non-stop) with the help of my good friend Rene'. I'm thankful to say I couldn't have made it without him. During the week before the trip, Roger at RV Refrigeration (770 886-7529) got the trailer greased and ready for the trip home. He even had one of his guys meet the PO at his shop on a Sunday afternoon to get the trailer in for service. The trip down and back was trouble free with the exception of my needless concern for Rene's propensity to drive much faster than I do. Maybe he thought the speedo read in Kilometers per hour... what can I say... the French have their own way of doing things. Cez't La Vie!
Now that the 28'-11 long aluminum beast is home, the adventure begins...

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