Monday, May 18, 2009

#42 "Thing 1" & "Thing 2"

Lot's of things yet to do, but I have gotten a few things done. The front gaucho is installed (pending completing the armrests) and the two panels for the front curtains are done... actually, all the curtains are "done" except for the pleating. 

Pictured, is my daughter Andrea and a couple of her creations as Scenic Artist for her school's production of Seussical the Musical.


Airstream Memories said...

Looks great! Did you do the cushions in two pieces? I like the colors!

the byamcaravanner said...

Thanks! Yes, I did the back and seat cushions separately... I did not like the hinged set-up. BTW, our '67 utilized separate cushions... so it has been done. I'm very happy with the colors as should you be about your trailer. Hope to see you soon.

haaku said...

Love how meticulous you are. We just posted a link to you on our most recent blog post. Can't wait to see more.