Saturday, April 18, 2009

#41 "Watching Paint Dry"

It's getting time to start wrapping up all the partially done projects currently underway on our Globetrotter. This week I am focusing on finishing the front Gaucho. Since we were not able to make it to CBR this year, most projects have been expanded to go further than originally planned. In the case of the Gauchos, rather than just make repairs, I decided to re-veneer the drawers and replace the back shelves. All the work is complete and I am currently just waiting for the "paint" (actually Danish oil over stain) to dry.

We decided to replace the hardware since the old stuff was kind of dingy and was not particularly period correct. Kelly picked these out.

Some of the pieces incorporate a vinyl welt where the piece abuts another piece or the skin. This stuff is available from Vintage Trailer Supply.

One of the front bed slides was broken. Here is a photo of the replacement fitted into the original assembly. These are also available from Vintage Trailer Supply, but will need to be modified depending on your application.

... and here is a view of the re-covered fascia.

Finally, for Frank, a peek at the newly upholstered cushions.


Rob said...

A post... I forgot all about your blog... looking good Steve!

Frank's Trailer Works said...

I like the upholstery very much. That color looks very nice and should go well with the curtains material. Looking good, keep it coming some of us are interested.

utee94 said...

Thanks for the post, woodwork looks good and those cushions look very professional!