Thursday, August 30, 2007

#4 - "Inside - Out" and "All is Wel(d)"

It's been over a month since my last update, but that does not mean that I've not made progress in one way or another. Much of the work I've been doing is in preparation to remove all the interior furnishings. My original plan was to only remove the bath to facilitate the required floor replacement in the rear 4'-0, but I found that I needed to remove the rear closet on one side to fit the tub through the narrow bathroom door. As I began to remove things it became apparent that if I was to do a thorough job of refreshing our trailer, the 40 year old carpet laid under the original fixtures was going to have to go. This means the entire interior has to come out.

My other accomplishment over the past month has to research and ultimately purchase the necessary equipment to make the frame modifications and repairs that I have planned. With the advice of some folks where I work, I decided on the Lincoln Power-Mig 140C.

This welder will allow me to plug into 110 and weld with or without shielding gas. I may even attempt to fabricate Stainless steel Black and Grey water tanks. Luckily I work for a Structural and Miscellaneous metals fabricator and can get materials and some of the preliminary work done at a reasonable cost... as far as the welding goes... a welder's hourly wage adds up quickly even at a discount. This purchase will easily pay for itself.

Next time... pictures of the interior... I promise!

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