Sunday, September 14, 2008

#35 Boys at Work

One of my NY Airstream buddies, John, always posts picts of his boys helping him out with his renovation. My boys have helped me out many times and love to see the posts of John's helpers. We are currently in the process of installing the new subfloor in the '67. Here are a couple picts of me and the boys.

My son Amery helping his Dad slide in the rear floor piece

Amery and Stefan working hard at tightening dozens of elevator bolts


Frank Yensan said...

excellent exploitation of child labor....

John said...

Now that is good to see. Looks like we're both at spots in our projects where we actually need our kids help. I knew that time would come, and that's why I always try to let my kids help and have fun, even if it's just a simple, 5 minute, one man job. It makes then feel useful, instills confidence, and makes then excited to work with you when you actuall *need* help.