Wednesday, July 2, 2008

#28 Family Movie Night

I've promised an update on progress with our GT... for now it will have to wait as we've just concluded an impromptu family movie night. It's so infrequent that we all sit down to enjoy an evening together. Recently we received our first Net Flicks shipment and the choice of our daughter Calynn was "The Sound of Music." Calynn has a beautiful voice and a fascination with Nuns, so I guess this choice was a natural. I, myself enjoy a good musical and you can't beat an ending that features an escape from the Nazis.

For those of you expecting a post on the trailer... I have no photos to offer, but for those of you with a family, I can say I had a very enjoyable family evening that could have been rivaled only by the same evening camping in our Airstream.

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utee94 said...

I can accept this...

...for now! :)