Monday, July 28, 2008

#30 Welcome to a new Airstreamer

I've added a new blog link for a good Airstream Buddy who finally found his trailer. His name is Marcus and he and his family live in Austin, TX. He's kept us all on the edge of our seats waiting for him to find that "perfect for him" trailer. Please visit his blog and encourage him to meet his goal of camping with his family at the 2009 CBR.


utee94 said...

Thanks Steve!

How about this-- I challenge you to take your Ambassador to CBR, and I'll bring my O'lander. Not a throwdown per se, but we both bring the Big Trailers. How does that sound to you? :)


the byamcaravanner said...


I've always been one to accept a challenge, but in this case... it's not going to happen.
The Ambassador project has been put on hold. It will be a total redo, without concession, when time and finances permit. This is the very reason we bought the '63 Globetrotter. It's our first priority right now, because being able to camp is the real priority. Frank can call it what he wants, but if "the Harlot" gets us camping I'm just fine with that.

I will take your challenge in the vain that we will both commit to bringing our families and our trailers to the '09 CBR... that can be a challenge in itself, but well worth the effort.


utee94 said...

Fair enough my friend, then the '09 CBR it is! :)