Monday, May 19, 2008

#19 Hey Uwe, a '63 for me... too

A momentary diversion from our focus on the Ambassador restoration to let you all meet our new purchase.

My Airstream buddies have put up for a while with my incessant pestering about "this and that" trailer and whether or not we should take the plunge buy one of those "too good to pass up" Airstreams. It's my nature to jump in with both feet, as a result I've got Aluminitus bad.

Having forged ahead with a "full on" restoration of the Ambassador, we were... for the foreseeable future, without a trailer to use. This has become a real problem as our first taste of streaming has left us wanting more.

The weekend started out with the promise of Airstream adventure with Saturday afternoon plans to attend the "Down on the Farm" with my friend Lee at the Jefferson County Fair grounds. This was my first opportunity to meet many of the folks from my home unit #116 of the Wally Byam Caravan Club. Since the rally was located very close to home and Kelly was on-call, my plan was to take the kids for the afternoon open house and the evening pot-luck. All but Amery and Stefan opted to find other activities for the day, so off I went with the boys. Lee brought his trailer and his daughter Katie and with plans to spend the night. It was a beautiful but windy afternoon filled with good new friends and cool trailers. Two trailers in particular where Ed and Sandy Emerick's '59 Traveler and David and Dori Stowell's '53 Clipper. Amazingly the Stowell's trailer has been in the family since 1957... WOW!

Sunday morning, expert Airstream Scout Rob Baker skyped me with a link to an eBay listing for a '63 Globetrotter with a very attractive buy-it-now price and a location that would not break the bank to retrieve. Kelly and I had been lamenting the fact that we did not have a trailer to use and our short Wisconsin summer would too soon be behind us. I was very tempted but resisted hitting the "button" that would forever put us into a category of semi-insane people who choose to own a second (or third... or fourth) hulk of aluminum. As the minutes ticked by and Kelly and I discussed further we decided to hit that infamous "button" anyway.

...Now comes our new challenge... our new purchase is far from a pristine, road ready trailer. It's more like our new experiment. We will soon have our new baby home to be subjected to a test of my skills to quickly make a road ready traveler from a rather neglected, but very cool '63 GT.


Rob & Zoe' Baker said...

So, when we going to get it? I'm looking forward to the adventure - be there in spirit with ya! Make a camping trip out of it... just take it to a truck stop and vaccumm it out first.. and enjoy your time on the way home!!!

Frank Yensan said...

I to am in spirit with ya... glad you have a second trailer so now you can attend the VAC region 2 ralley in Staunton VA next month.

John said...

Looks like Rob got you with the "Buy It Now" too. I had Frank and Rob team up to get me to hit the button. Looks like a nice trailer. Congrats! You can have more kids now that you have more room.