Wednesday, December 26, 2007

#12 - Kool eBAY score!

A while back I decided to go a different direction for updating the refrigeration unit in our trailer. I'm planning to use the Nova-Kool RFS7501 side-by-side fridge.

These are units made for the boating industry and the "off-grid" crowd... and use a high efficiency Danfoss DC compressor. The unit is 7.5 cu ft and draws only 4.4 amps at 12volts DC - hence no propane required. This means that when we pull the trailer into the gas station to fill-up the tow vehicle I can leave the fridge on and not risk setting the place on fire. The best part is... on a fluke I googled the model number because I was too lazy to browse through my favorites to find the saved link. Remarkably, the search results showed a unit listed on eBay that was for sale by a Yacht builder that is located about an hour from my house. This NEW unit was to be installed in a Carver Yacht, but the builder decided to use another unit, leaving this one to be snatched up by me ... SCORE!!!!

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