Monday, September 17, 2007

#6 - Inside(out)

As I promised... an update on my progress. As of this post the inside is completely gutted. Here is a picture while in progress. The biggest job has been staying organized and finding a place to put the "insides" of a 28' Airstream.

As with every other step in the process, the project keeps growing. Since this photo, I have removed the mystery panels on each side of the rooftop A/C. This revealed that somewhere in this trailers history a less that skilled installer hacked up the interior skin around the A/C unit. Since I need to deal with the partially painted wallpaper anyway I've decided to re-skin the ceiling. This consists of two 4' x 18' panels. This will also give me the option to feature some polished aluminum on the interior if I so choose.

But before anything else I need to get back to the floor/frame rework.

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Anonymous said...

WOW...Looks like you got some fun ahead...